Our Story

TRIARQ Health creates a community of members, providers and payers designed to meet the Triple Aim health reform goals of:

  • Better Health for populations
  • Better Care for individuals and families
  • Better Economics by intelligently aligning quality and spending

This may seem fair and straightforward to most but the truth is that currently healthcare is delivered in a volume, fee-for-service model within silos and with little coordination along the continuum-of-care. And obviously this environment creates many conflicts and risks for patients. That is why here at Triarq we take a very different, value-based approach.

TRIARQ healthcare services are offered in a single, coordinated care model that we call bundling. Our approach is based on value in order to drive better satisfaction and health outcomes. Triarq addresses the whole patient, not just an illness or ailment. We offer the best, multi speciality healthcare backed by state-of-the-art tech and team care and we aim to focus on population health management at all times.

We take great pride in ensuring that each and every one of our members receives the highest quality care and wellness services in an engaged, efficient, coordinated and affordable manner.

At our core, we embody a fully-integrated, health network and services organization – taking care of patients from wellness through to treatment and recovery. Our organization is hyper focused on coordinating and delivering the highest quality outcomes, through choosing the best physicians and caregivers to support patients throughout their healthcare journey – completely supported by TRIARQ experts and our technology platform.

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