At TRIARQ Health, we believe in physician-led, patient-centered healthcare as the cornerstone of a cost-effective, quality-minded healthcare ecosystem. Every day we are leveling the playing field, by bringing physicians the same level of industry expertise and thought leadership that ‘Big Health’ has access to – we personalize it and make it affordable for the independent practice.

With many independent practices facing serious challenges resulting from rising costs and complexities, TRIARQ Health has demonstrated that its partnership with practices improves their ability to compete by providing better patient care, while simplifying the administrative burden. TRIARQ Health gives practices and physicians peace of mind knowing they have a strong advocate helping them thrive and succeed in today’s healthcare market.

In order to address an increasingly pressured independent practice community, and to combat the challenges that “Big Health” poses due to its scale, TRIARQ Health is helping practices implement a patient-centric focus, by harnessing the scale of its independent practice community. As the majority of costs and complexities come from the administrative operations of a medical practice, TRIARQ is looking to assist practices to compete and succeed by enhancing their focus on patients, while simplifying and enhancing their operational capabilities. The concept of patient-centric seems intuitive, however, increasingly many administrative burdens have made it harder for physicians to provide the level of care they want to provide. With its partnership-based focus, TRIARQ frees practices of these burdens and enables them to provide an enhanced focus on the patient resulting in higher quality care and patient satisfaction.

Independent practices are facing head-on a triple threat of challenges

  • Patient satisfaction is rapidly decreasing
  • Profit is lumpy, decreasing and inconsistent
  • Burdens on the practice continue to grow without limits


Amidst dynamics and complexity comes opportunity.

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