The Value of Partnership

Building an independent community… together

Partnership. At TRIARQ Health we believe that partnerships are based on the belief that both parties can grow within the relationship. We see the independent practice community as essential to the American healthcare system – and our hope is only to make those independent practices viable and STRONGER!

Here’s what we at TRIARQ Health see as the ‘value of partnership:’

  • Expertise – the knowledge of best practices to create a successful path
  • Shared Services – a series of offers that are designed to have high operational and low cost impact
  • Analysis and Evaluation – utilizing data in order to prescribe a forward direction
  • Recommendations – trusted revolve and advisement specified to the practice
  • Simplicity – ease of use and concise dialogue at every turn
  • Evolving eCommerce – shifting hard costs from variable to fixed – aligning costs for greatest return

At TRIARQ Health, we vow to be the best possible partner for your practice. We promise to:

  • Take every effort to deliver the best services in order to create a high performance practice. We will also complete a new services analysis.
  • Fight for every dollar that you deserve. We’re in this together – and you deserve to pay for services rendered.
  • Demonstrate best practices to ease the payment process for patients.
  • Provide best practices in order to increase patient visits and grow the profile of your practice.

Interested in receiving more information about becoming a partner with TRIARQ Health? Email us at

TRIARQ Health – Independent. Together.