Our principles are centered around quality

At TRIARQ, our expertise goes back a handful of years in seeing an evolution of the relationship between vendors and medical practice shift as much as that of independent practices and ‘Big Health.’ Even with such relationships continuing to evolve, and independent practices finding themselves increasingly dwindle away, we sought to be a company that would change the industry by getting behind the independent practice. For the team and our practice community at TRIARQ, independence is our wish for the American healthcare community as a whole. We believe independence happens when strong partnerships are present between providers and knowledge experts.

The TRIARQ Health principles are the result of dissecting what makes a partnership strong and effective from the front office to the back office and the staff to the provider.

By engaging with TRIARQ Health – whether it be via consultative engagement or partnership – we believe that independent practice will receive the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of industry dynamics
  • A developed strategy and plan to better compete for patients
  • A developed strategy and plan to increase and improve your patient engagement
  • Understanding of the strength and weaknesses in your practice
  • A prioritized set of defined actions Items and goals
  • Recommendations on how to best move forward
  • Better understanding of how we can work together to retain your independence and have peace of mind

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