TRIARQ Practice Assessment

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  • At TRIARQ Health, we are fierce advisors and advocates for the independent practice, and believers in physician-led, patient-centered healthcare as the cornerstone of a cost-effective, quality-minded healthcare ecosystem.

    In order to assist medical practices in ensuring their independence and sustained success, we have developed an assessment that is designed to deliver insights and a framework for independent success. At TRIARQ we created the Q-Health Practice Assessment in order to deliver a comprehensive outlook and report that looks at where your practice stands in the greater, independent community.

    The next few sections demonstrate a sample version of our more, comprehensive assessment that we have taken around to independent practices nationwide. Upon completion, a performance manager will reach out with feedback and a Q-Score as it compares to like practices. For an in-person practice visit and assessment, please email us at

    On behalf of the TRIARQ Health team, I would personally like to congratulate you on taking this next step in your journey. We share a mutual belief that independence remains a cornerstone belief in the greater, quality-minded healthcare ecosystem. It is our hope that this Assessment presents insights and peace of mind to your practice.

    Mike Sappington
    Chairman, TRIARQ Health