Practice Services

At Triarq we like to think we’re a little different to your regular, more traditional healthcare partner. Much like you, we focus on patient care, but we also help you embrace more efficient practices through the adoption of advanced thinking and technologies.

What makes Triarq different?

  • Convenience - let us make your interaction with the patients you deal with easier and more convenient. We’ll give you the ability to send secure messages, quickly schedule appointments, effortlessly request online prescriptions, and receive payments in a timely manner.
  • Smart technology - thanks to our proactive monitoring of patient health statuses and key health indicators, both patients and doctors will receive real time warnings when an issue needs your attention.
  • Proactive approach - just because a patient is out of sight it doesn’t mean they’re out of mind. We’ll help you keep in touch with them between visits, so you know when it's time to tell them to get important tests and preventive wellness care. You’ll even be able to automatically update their online health records with any new lab results.

Interested in learning more or purchasing any of these services?
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