Practice Performance Software

Patient information at your fingertips – when and where you need it most. TRIARQ Health’s fully integrated, certified electronic health offering is built on an open platform and highly personalized to each individual user. This means you have critical patient information in the hands of medical practice staff where they need it most — at the point of care. The outcome is the ability to make quick decisions that can positively impact each patient’s care and treatment.
A powerful and certified cloud platform and practice management service through better workflows and decision support. Includes a certified, Meaningful Use EHR, an ICD-10 compliant practice management service, the finest software in the cloud, and a support line that is there at your convenience.
Becoming a pacesetting medical practice means leveraging the cloud and technologies as a tool to provide exceptional care. TRIARQ Health’s cloud-based and Meaningful Use certified performance management service, is used by thousands of medical staff across the U.S. who want to be sure they have quick and easy access to critical patient information.

Unlike competitive offerings, the highly personalized nature of our service means that we can tailor our technology to each doctor’s individual needs, even where there are several doctors in the same office practicing medicine differently.

An open and extensible service that seamlessly connects the practice to the healthcare ecosystem. The service includes provider connectors that create a seamless link between the providers and their patients, other providers, labs and devices. Practice connectors are also available, directly interfacing the practice with hospitals, immunization registries, and public health agencies.
Educational/community portals as well as patient portals available for ease of access to information. Learn how to identify the low cost/high quality providers to share in the care of the patient or episode (i.e., ambulatory surgery centers, low cost/high quality post-acute care providers), and utilize tools and dashboards to manage care coordination and track/monitor outcomes.

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