Value Services

Consumers, Employers, and Health Plans are under enormous financial pressure due to high variability in cost and pricing, and fragmented and uncoordinated care that contributes to high costs and inconsistent quality. Payment for care is currently based on volume, when it should be based on quality.

TRIARQ Health is a value-based, tech-enabled healthcare services company helping providers and plans work together to transition to value-based care and enhance the patient experience – with the goal of improving the quality and sustainability of healthcare in the communities we serve. We do this by providing Coordinated Care services across the continuum including post-acute care, Pricing transparency & choice of provider/hospital, Value-Based purchasing programs, Tools and Training focused
around Evidence-based protocols, and Expertise to track and Improve quality.

Benefits to our Healthcare Plan Partners

  • Reduced Cost for Musculoskeletal Benefits (MSK)
  • Leverage a High-performing network of providers ready to adopt and align to Value Based Purchasing
  • Utilize your existing Value Based and Managed Care programs, and work within your MSO structure if preferred
  • Develop and rollout new Value Based Programs for MSK care that align to your goals
  • Bridge the gap between you and provider to gain provider acceptance for new payment models and value based
    purchasing programs
  • Expand provider options and risk-sharing with providers
  • Turnkey Value Based services for plans and providers

Our Services

TRIARQ develops new value-based purchasing models based on the plan’s goals – including such programs as specialty capitation, bundled payments for surgical episodes, and gainsharing.

  • Our multi-disciplinary high-performing network of independent orthopedic surgeons and other musculoskeletal
    providers are ready to adopt plan’s existing models and adopt new payment models based on quality and value, measure quality, adopt best-practice care protocols, and work closely with plans to meet mutual goals. We engage new providers as needed by our plan partners.
  • Our high-performing network of providers improves quality through multidisciplinary collaboration, the creation and sharing of peer led knowledge and clinical integration.
  • We identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality along the care continuum through tools and services such as comprehensive care coordination and best practice care protocols including management of post-acute care, device selection, and site of service selection.

Specialty Care Coordination Tools and Services

The New England Journal of Medicine states - “Specialty practices need to build systems that ensure timely access and care coordination and their systems should emphasize appropriate utilization of specialty care and management of high-risk populations, given the disproportionate influence that specialists have in these areas.”

  • We Build Care Coordination Teams designed especially for Musculoskeletal health and we use evidence-based protocols and best practices
  • We Track and Coordinate Care through collaboration with other specialists and PCP
  • We Provide Access and Communication for Patients including timely access to appointments, questions, concerns and comprehensive Patient and Family Engagement from pre-op through recovery
  • We Identify & Coordinate Patient Populations by capturing key clinical and administrative data and manage care and follow-up for those populations
  • We Measure and Improve Performance and demonstrate transparency by sharing data with plans and patients